Noi siamo Giulietta!!!

As announced Alfa Romeo officially unveiled polished version of the current Giulietta, and the general public this model will see the upcoming Motor Show in Geneva

Renewed version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the biggest visual changes are to the front (along with a new logo already seen the model Giuli), and there are new alloy wheels, new colors and a modified exhaust system.
As expected, the visual changes are not very particular and they are limited to light new graphics, a different grille and new brand logos in the style of those of Giulia. Inside, meanwhile, will offer new material upholstery and decorations, and infotainment system has been improved and now offers connectivity with Facebook, Twitter, Deezer, TuneIn, Reuters and TomTom.
Alfa Romeo has chosen an innovative and exciting way to present renewed Giulietta. The event organized under the slogan Noi siamo Giulietta or “We are Giulietta” simultaneously took place in five locations – Turin, Arese, Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt. Thus, the spectacular presentation had the opportunity to attend more than 10,000 people who enjoyed the entertainment prepared especially for them. Employees in the Alfa Romeo were activly involved, though they were guests ¬†they could not restrain proudly explained the peculiarities of renewed Giulietta. In it at first glance shows the spirit of Alfa, almost entirely held by the current model. Undisturbed by the modest design changes and stylish settings that expresses the character of the Italian hatchback manner which Alfie approved by consensus and accepted. For all that it contributes engines with power range between 120 and 175 horses. The most powerful version titled Giulietta Veloce has 1.75 liter turbo heart athlete 4C with 240 horsepower. Suffice to hundred sprint in six seconds and maximum 243 km per hour, they best express the sporty character of Giulietta and fully devoted to satisfying the innermost wishes of the driver.
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