Flying Spur V8 S – Bentley with High Performance

Bentley introduced the sporty version with a V8 engine of the sedan Flying Spur. The version has S in the name and the manufacturer’s model range will deploy between the main modification of the model and that of the W12 engine. From the standard Flying Spur new variant differs by the modified suspension, finalised exterior and  more powerful engine.



Whichever way you looked at it, the old Spur was really just a stretched version of the Continental coupe. Too big to be sporty and not gracious enough to be a proper GT. This new one drops the Conti bit – just Flying Spur will do now – and shifts focus from the front seats to the backThe model is equipped with V8 twin-turbo engine that develops 21 hp more than now. This means that the Flying Spur S has 528 horsepower and 680 Nm available at 1700 r / min. In combination with 8-speed automatic transmission sedan from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds – for 0,3 seconds faster than the standard model. The maximum speed is increased by 11 kilometers and reaches 306 km/h


If you’re feeling especially flush, you should option the fold-down picnic tables, which just accommodate a laptop or perhaps a small dinner plate plus a glass of champers. Which, of course, you’ll have cooled in the optional fridge behind the central armrest. Finally, exercise your ears with a whopping 1,100w Naim stereo – also optional, but essential. It sounded good in the old Spur, but this time it’s even crisper thanks to thick double glazing and a less boomy exhaust to reduce ambient noise and focus the ears. The cooler and stereo amps take a chomp out of the boot, but you can still slide a couple of golf bags in the space left behind.

gtspirit-flyingspurv8-geneva10The car with four-wheel drive received modified  suspension, elaborated management system, adaptive dampers and optimized stabilization system. Sport mode differs and with black grille of the cooler, rear diffuser and 20-inch wheels. In the salon is set special seats in two colors and embroidery Flying Spur S.

The premiere of sports Flying Spur will be held in Geneva Motor Show in early March.


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