Kia Optima Sportswagon premiering at the Geneva Motor Show

Optima limousine is quite good model van and Sportswagen will be even better. European buyers prefer a van in front of limousine and Kia finally gave it served it requires.


Kia will have a dual premiere of the model from middle class at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Together with the new generation Optima sedan and station wagon arrives Sportswagon, as indeed was announced with the presentation Sportspace, last year at the same salon. The design of both karoserial performances from next generation Optima is folowed by sports and elegant example of the predecessor, whom many recognize as the “Korean Quattroporte”.

Advantages of the van Sportswagon certainly is the practicality and adaptability, and that what European buyers in most countries prefer the van, and especially at the German market. Even two-thirds of sales in this segment in Europe falls exactly on station wagons. Three engines are available, including sports performance GT. Sportswagon sales in Europe will start in the last quarter of this year, and production will be carried out Korean Huasung. Like all Kia models in Europe, the van will be valid for seven-year warranty on the mark.

With a length of 4.86 meters and width of 1.86 meter, the van has identical dimensions with the limousine Optima, the only difference in the five millimeters plus in height (1.47 meter). The design comes from the unified form of station wagons in the segment with a sporty note in the back with a slanted roof. Striking detail in the large tail lamps with diode technique, oval tailpipe and the diffuser integrated into the rear bumper.

The choice of materials and design in the cockpit give the impression of a model of the premium segment in horizontal orientation of the lines. Interior can choose from two combinations of colors, one black, dark gray and light gray second. Decent looks and center console painted in gloss black lacquer with chrome details.

As one of the first models of the brand, the Optima Sportswagon available communication systems Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, connecting the smartphone to vehicle systems. Both systems support voice commands and features as Google Maps, reading text and voice messages and music streaming through Google Play Music, or in the case of Apple CarPlay, voice recognition Siri, navigation and Apple Maps, dictation, and various audio applications. A useful feature is charging cell phone via inductive plate, power rechargeable maximum of 5 watts, with Remaining is displayed in the instruments of the vehicle.

The systems of assistance available to display the bird’s eye view of the vehicle parking, using four cameras in parallel and transverse self parking, and lights that follow the curve. This is coupled with another full arsenal: radar cruise control, independent suspension in danger of collision monitoring system bar adjustments in management, automatic high beam, reading road signs, monitoring of blind spots on the body and warn of approaching vehicles when leaving the parking backwards.

Trunk with 553 liters offers 43 liters more space than the sedan and offers several innovative systems, self-opening rear lid when the key will be located directly behind the vehicle. The other qualities are almost standard on the leading wagon models: Low freight servant dispensers which run on rails because of the division of the boot and fastening of various cargo or three-part rear seat in the ratio 40:20:40.

Safety karoserial structure already proved with the limousine, won five stars in the Euro NCAP, while active systems as follows standard stability control with correction surgery in the management at the loss of stability.

The version with a diesel engine and GT model with two-liter direct-injection turbogas by default come with servo managment R-MDPS, which differs in that the electric motor is mounted directly on the toothed rack position of the steering column and thus improves the feedback from management and reacts more directly. Thus emphasizes the sporty driving sensation that engineers seeking to achieve third-generation Optima.

With diesel surcharge follows and adjustable damping, with a choice of comfort or sports program. This system is standard on GT. The basis of the offer of engines consists of the 1.7 liter diesel with 141 hp and 340 Nm and two-liter petrol engine with 163 hp. For diesel there is an option for a seven dual-clutch gearbox, while the petrol can get a classic six-speed automatic.

Top is reserved for Sportwagon GT with two-liter T-GDI with 245 hp and 353 njutnmetri, which transmits power through a six-speed automatic transmission.

Along with the sedan and the station wagon of the third generation of Optima, and the hybrid version of the model, at the Geneva Motor Show will debut hybrid crossover Niro. Prices and more detailed technical data models will be announced shortly after the premiere of the salon.

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