Official: Volvo V90

Showing us that new technology can be clean, usable and pretty literally, Volvo in Stockholm has officially unveiled its new large caravan, which will be called  V90 and which offer Swedish stand alongside prestigious models bearing 90: sedan S90 and SUV model XC90. The premiere audience will officially happen on auto show in Geneva in early March.


The heritage of Volvo in the segment caravan reaches sixty years, the Volvo V90 will be the leader of their current offering in this segment.

Volvo’s say that the new V90 is equipped with a standard package of the most advanced technologies applied in the field of security, including assistance in driving up to 130 km / h, warning distance, detection of larger animals on the road, recognizing signs speed limit warning leaving the lane of movement and plenty of airbags. As part of accessories is also available IntelliSafe Surround package of equipment, which includes a warning of an impending rear-end impact warning traffic takes place transversely to the direction of driving, camera angle of 360 degrees, assistance with parking …


The active driving assistance, the vehicle can independently move at a speed under 130 km / h. Of course, the driver remains legally responsible for driving the vehicle, or to keep hands on the wheel and to concentrate on driving. In this mode of driving, the procedures for the driver in every moment “skipped” the automatic control system, any driver can turn the steering wheel or squeeze the accelerator or brake pedal. In fact, if the driver at least one hand not holding the steering wheel, the system of assistance automatically is entering.

Grand Caravan Volvo’s completely new construction will be offered in five different drive versions. Here are diesel models with 190 hp D4 and D5 AWD with 235 hp and 4 × 4 drive, then petrol models with 254 hp T5 and T6 AWD 320 hp and 4 × 4 drive and end most powerful T8 AWD hybrid with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 9,2 kWh, 2-liter turbo engine and an electric motor, with a total maximum output of 407 hp (299 kW) and maximum torque of 640 Nm, but also with all-wheel drive. In version T8, Volvo V90 to 100 km / h reached in 5.2 seconds and consumption in the combined cycle can keep even the 2,1 l / 100 km, while the purely electric drive can travel up to 45 km. Expected soon and a version with higher performance – Volvo V90 Polestar, with even more powerful hybrid model T8 AWD.


The offer of 90 series later this decade will end up with a fourth model, the sporty S90 Coupe.


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