Jaguar slide into the next league: 320 km / h in F-Type SVR

Department of “special operations” of the group Jaguar Land Rover for the first time worked on the model of the sports brand, to make it the fastest F-Type which seriously threatens to the Porsche 911 Turbo.


After the Range Rover Sport SVR as the fastest and most powerful model in the history of the outreach specialist, the special unit of the group Jaguar Land Rover now be paid to its sports brand Jaguar F-Type to “promote” appropriate  the fastest and most powerful model in sign of the wild cat.

F-Type SVR is stronger, lighter, with improved suspension, active aerodynamics and modified all-wheel drive, and all that combined with light aluminum construction of the standard model which offer maximum performance and enjoyment for the driver. In numbers:fife litar V8 with a mechanical supercharger from F-Type R is calibrated based on the example of the F-Type Project 7 and has 575 hp and 700 njutn miters , acceleration to 60 mph (96 km / h) takes 3.5 seconds, top speed body is 320 km / h, and the convertible 314 km / h.


Larger air inlets in the front bumper along with modified intercooler and opened the bonnet care for improved cooling and greater efficiency of the engine. The exhaust system is made of an alloy of titanium and Inconel, withstands higher temperatures and pressures and is lighter by 16 kg compared to the F-Type R, halved thickness of only 0.6 millimeters. Certainly specialists took care of JLR and volume according to “reproduce” the power of the machine, especially when open active ballasts in rear exhaust pots.


Changes suffered and eight stepp dual-clutch gearbox along with the optimization of all-wheel drive and installation by 10 mm wider tires, 265 back and 305 back. The entire vehicle is 25 kg easier than the F-Type R, or 50 kg with the option of carbon ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber roof, which combined with optimized aerodynamics them climbs driving characteristics even further.

Undercarriage certainly not remain spared. The rear stabilizer is thicker, the valves in adjustable dampers have been modified, as well as control software. Joints on the rear axle are shortened  because more sovereign  still retaining the geometry of the undercarriage in extreme conditions and more directly feel the steering wheel. The front stabilizer is thinner, which together with the new software allows for even more precise control of braking the wheels on the inside of bends to reduce submanagement

SVR premiere is scheduled for the upcoming Salon in Geneva in March, Jaguar has already started with the orders, the price is 140,000 euros. It’s probably one of the biggest threats to competition.


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