Alpine sports brand returns to the stage!!!

The last car under the sign of Alpine leave the factory in 1995. The return of the brand have testified earlier and is now known  the appearance and technique of the model that will arrive next year


The choice of Monaco for a place for the world premiere is not accidental. Racing legend Alpine A110 ruled the racing scene between 1970 and 1975, and the greatest superiority over competitors had precisely  at the Monte Carlo Rally. Sports coupe with centrally installed engine and extremely low body,produced the 11,000 copys between 1961 and 1977, including a series of small model made in Spain and Bulgaria. Alpine A110 rightly valid as one of the greatest legends in the French auto industry. After more than four decades of the last example of the brand , Alpine will re-appear on stage with the look and technique now  showed by Alpine Vision.

The new two-seater whose appearance irresistibly reminiscent of A110, owner Renault expected to fight for a good position in the growing segment of sporty coupes. The competition is not as safe,here are waiting Porsche 718 Boxster and Alfa 4C. French for now didnt expose any specific details about the technique of the compartment, but they only say that the production model will feature lightweight construction and use of turbofourcilindar turbo from sports department of Renault. Alpine promises only that the acceleration up to a hundred will be only 4.5 seconds. The transfer of power will be available through dual-clutch gearbox.
With digital displays place over classical instruments, the cockpit of the future Alpine virtual cockpit reminiscent of the Audi TT. The final production version of the new Alpine and model year designation will follow later in the year. Sales of sports car starts even in a year and simultaneously we will follow and matching sports scene.

According to Renault, design, construction, manageability and study the details of the car remain almost unchanged in the production model. True to tradition, the production will take place in the Alpine factory in Dieppe, from where the latest model A610 came out in 1995.


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