Kia officially unveiled Niro Hybrid!!!

Motor Show in Chicago has a small but significant premieres – one of them is the new hybrid SUV of Kia


Koreans sead before more than a year that thay will launch a hybrid SUV, but there were many who thought that they have overestimated their market influence. Fortunately for mankind and clear air, the result of a radically bold step  of the brand is already a reality. And it’s different then other manufacturers impose their hybrids. Visually Kia Niro leaves some spectacular or futuristic impression – he’s just an ordinary family SUV with the latest appearance of the brand and can be easily blended with Sportage. As it was pointed out in his presentation of the salon car in Chicago,that was the goal – to make the vehicle to look and drive like any other.

2017 Niro


Kia Niro was designed and constructed in studios in California and South Korea, which jointly have achieved a coefficient of air resistance of 0.29. The interior is modern and wheelbase of 2.7 meters promises enough space and comfort for passengers. A feature of this subcompact model set a new common platform with Hyundai is that there is only one drive option – Hybrid. It comprises a 1.6 liter petrol engine with direct fuel injection with a maximum of 103 electric and KS 43 KS. They are transmitted to the front wheels through submediant dual-clutch transmission, with an average of 4.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The system is completed by a lightweight lithium-ion polymer batteries with a capacity of 1,56 kWh located under the rear seats. Besides mechanics, good figure for such deserving and navigation and cruise control working in tandem to maximize efficiency based on topographic information you received.

Kia plans to launch this engine is known only US date – in the fourth quarter. The price and the arrival of other markets are not disclosed.


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