Best from Porsche that will infuriates fans!!!

Fans of the Porsche are very cooled from the fact that Porsche Boxster instead sext received replacement of turbo engine with four cylinders, and already comes news of a new eco-friendly Porsche.


Many manufacturers today are facing with new global challenge, which defines focus on taking global market or ekological standards, and that trend has not dodged not even Porsche.It is all abaout reduceing the various hazards that emerge from exhaust outlet, and Porsche is looking for new solutions that are not positively accepted among the fans, and we must admit that we are not thrilled too.The latest example is the confirmation from Porsche tthat thay are working on developing the legendary 911 seats in the plug-in hybrid variant.The old-school of enthusiasts all over the world this news makes them sadd definitely, but it is no shock because the news was a matter of time when it will be placed on the public.

At the Fair in Detroit, the head of engineering for  Porsche 911 Turbo Erhard Mossle confirmed this news, but it will be introduced only in the next generation of 911,which should be presented around 2020.

“Certainly, in abbreviated sports car it is necessary to find adequate space for the battery, which again and inevitably leads to a change of the table. Some parts such as the floor can be replaced by parts made of carbon fiber, but it is
in the future for which we still have not decided, “he said

Porsche does not yet know how it will look new version, but they are determined to keep the design of the famous 911. Head of engineering also anaunsed that the famous sext has a  still place  for reducing consumption and emissions of CO2.

We hope that Porsche will continue to astonish the huge number of fans around the world in any version in which will be appeard.


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