Ferrari GTC4Lusso – successor to the Ferrari FF

Before the official premiere at Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the redesigned model FF.

Great Gran Turismo underwent general redesign and now has a wider grille and a slightly lower roofline. Underbody is more powerful engine, and also a drive 4 × 4 system management turning angle of the rear wheels.
The renewed model has a new name too,and he is called Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Old FF got its name after the number four (Ferrari Four), thus alluded to drive of  all four wheels and four seats in the salon. The new name stems from the models and 330GTC Berlinetta Lusso, while the number 4 has more or less the same symbolism as the second in F in the mark FF.

It is said that the redesigned model has a considerably lower coefficient of air resistance of the old Ferrari FF. Maximum power of the 6.3-liter V12 engine has been increased from 660 to about 690 hp at 8,000 rpm. Maximum torque is 700 Nm at 5750 r / min and 80% of the value of the torque is already available from 1750 rev / min.

Ferrari has promoted the drive 4 × 4 and,like we said, for the first time he adds the ability to control the rear wheels. The new system marked 4RM-S and the driver allows easy transfer of much of the torque to the substrate, even on snow and in other conditions of poor traction.
New model to 100 km / h reached in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 335 km / h.

The interior has also been thoroughly revised. The new screen info-entertainment system is touch sensitive screen and now has a diagonal of 10.25 inches. Beautiful steering is more compact thanks to the installation of the air bag which is packed so take up less space.


What we can conclude is that we are expecting another exciting model of Ferrari full with adrenaline and new experiences.c
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