Mercedes will become the No. 1 premium brand by the end of the year

The head of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche,plans Mercedes to become the leading premium brand by 2020. But experts believe that the goal will be achieved four years earlier

mercedes-e-class.Mercedes can achieve the goal to take the lead among premium brands as early as this year, instead of 2020. It is the opinion of most market analysts from the automotive industry. According to them, Mercedes during this year will increase sales by at least 8 percent, while rivals Audi and BMW are expected to increase reach up to maximum five percent.
When Dieter Zetsche took the lidership over ten years ago, Mercedes was practically brand for renovation. Since then, all the moves were in  right place and the brand is now in the best shape in history. If during this year to keep the trend of last year, Mercedes until the end of the year will sell 2,008,800 vehicles, BMW will have a little less than two million units, while Audi will be the third with 1.9 million vehicles sold.
The Chinese market is the one that brings the greatest dynamism in sales of the brand with the silver star.  Fot the growth is particularly important and that what in the second half of the year begins sales of the new generation of class E. BMW competitor can not countered by Mercedes in this regard. Audi has the new A4, but on the other hand, sales of the brand in China is no longer growing as before.
January sales of Mercedes is yet another strong proof that the mark may still this year to take the lead among premium brands. Mercedes in January sold 20 percent more vehicles in the global market, or even 52 percent more vehicles in the Chinese market only. Another advantage of the brand from Stuttgart is that large numbers are achieved on the free market, while Audi is booming in the sale of official vehicles for state institutions.

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