Falling another taboo for Porsche: Follow wagon version of Panamera!!

Traditionalists of Porsche have nothing to defend any more. Have become diesel, sporty SUV, four turbo fourcilindar,all. Now on another taboo: Combi version of Panamera. Will it be that last?
Keepers of image grumbling, and his business thrive with unstoppable pace. Sports brand do everything that he cant do. Porsche has two sports SUVs, diesel is already standard,hybrid will become a standard, Carrera got turbocharging, 718 Boxster is driving with four cylinders. And what if? The sale goes like mad and already exceeds 200,000 copies. Meanwhile, Porsche sold more SUVs than sports coupes or convertibles.

But now follows a caroserial performance which again will upset traditionalists. Porsche will soon offer van. Not that it was not announced. Panamera Sport Turismo concept of the exhibition in Paris in 2012 was just a prelude to the recent appearance of wagon performance of the Panamera. As can be seen from the photos, the parallel testing of prototypes of the second generation is already in its final stage, although the final details of the layout still not showing due to masking the body.
The second generation Porsche Panamera will get a bigger body than the current sports sedan, which will also be the first model in the concern that will use the platform MSB, designed for upper class models with engine forward and rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The platform will use and future models of Bentley. The advantages it brings are the same as for existing or decrease weight and compatibility with electric or hybrid drive.

Turbo versions of the new Panamera will get a new V8 with reduced working capacity, but greater power than existing ones. Plug-in hybrid offer already implied, including more modern battery technology for greater reach.

The premiere of the sports sedan of the second-generation Panamera is expected in the autumn, the Paris Salon and station wagon body will follow shortly thereafter.

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