These are the latest images of the next-generation Vauxhall Insignia, testing of which has been ramped up in preparation for the car’s launch in 2016. The focus with the new version of Vauxhall’s Mondeo rival is on making the car larger, lighter and more efficient


The next Insignia will be a global car, and will be sold under theVauxhall, Opel and Buick badges across Europe, the United States and China.
Although it was scheduled for next year, work on the new generation Opel Insignia apparently progressing rapidly, and according to sources from the company several leading German automotive media reported that it will still appear during the Paris Motor Show this fall.

The biggest news of the model is that it will be based on a completely new platform. This will lead to more interior space, which will come as a result of the larger body. The car will get more length and increased wheelbase. Although the larger size will be used and quality lightweight materials for construction, and the vehicle will be much easier than the current generation.

The range of engines will include a brand new 1.6-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, whose power is 160 hp. Expected for several weeks this unit to be launched on the current Astra.

The extra length and stretched wheelbase will give the new Insignia interior space to rival the VW Passat and Skoda Superb. And although the roof is much lower, there’ll still be plenty of headroom for rear passengers, with wide-opening doors for easy access to the classy interior.
The Insignia will be offered with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which is expected to improve overall fuel economy by around 3% compared with the six-speed manual versions.



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