Audi R8 with the best advertising ever,presented like a rocket!!!

Ad of the year, and video that awakens old memories of the golden age of space race ….

Audi released the ad to be displayed during the American super boul.In the video  astronaut again reveals his passion in life-AUDI R8 V10 Plus
Surrounded by memories of the golden age of space race, a retired astronaut again revisit their memories AUDU R8 V10 Plus the management of a rocket.
But this time instead of a space rocket, he managed the car and it is one of the best management of vehicles of all time, Audi R8. Audi R8 V10 plus carry on an amazing journey, however short, because its maximum speed of 330 kilometers per hour, he arrived really quickly to the desired destination.
This ad shows and once  again confirms the high level of attraction and creativity of the marketing team of AUDI.So this ad recently, not only the anticipation of super attractive  model R8 V10Plus is brought up to a maximum temptation but is given the added attraction of the most exciting and most attractive marketing space in the world.Definitely AUDI knows how to spend money
Commander? We are ready, fasten your seat belt and watch the video that follows below:


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