Honda award for most reliable manufacturer!

Honda was awarded for the Most Reliable Manufacturer in research ho was done by the Organization of buyers and members (Organisation of Consumers and Users – OCU). Over 30,000 drivers in Europe chose among 178 different models of cars and manufacturers.


.Honda found the head of the study, earning a rating of 93/100 reliability and additional 79% of the votes of those who would recommend the brand’s vehicles with no doubt to others. Honda Jazz was selected as the safest car in its class, and the other models – Civic, CR-V and Insight also received recognition for security, thay were in the top 10 in their respective categories

honda-civic-type-r-hatchback-2015-cutoutPrice, fuel economy, practicality and reliability are the key indicators that customers about are very careful when they bring buying decision. OCU study is focused on safety and she is trying to determined if drivers had any damage in recent years with cars and if they had,what kind by their nature, they were. From this information is unplugged “security index” which can be used to compare different kind of  damage from different manufacturers and models presented on the market.


“Reliability and quality are two synonyms of Honda”, said Vice President of Honda Motor for Europe, Philip Ross. “The results of this study demonstrate again our responsibility that we offer to our customers. For us it is especially important our customers to be satisfied with owning a Honda and to give them a sense of security through cars that are among the safest and least susceptible to damage the market. “

This undoubtedly confirms once again the clear vision for the future of Honda as one of the surest and safest cars that ever appeared in the market is a clear indication of an answer to the question why the cars of Honda is one of the leading and most beloved of potrushuvachite worldwide.

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