Alfa Romeo plans changed: the Italians have no plan

End of last year and weak sales in the Chinese market forced Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) ja to revise its five-year strategy published since 2014, including major changes to the postponement of Alfa Romeo and Maserati models FCA recently and confirmed.


The emergence of new models of the brand Alfa Romeo is postponed,in тhe plans expected annual sales are no longer projected. Things for a long time are not going to change in the Italian brand.

It is unlikely that the great return of the Italian brand will happen by the end of the decade. According to  initial plans, the full restoration of the supply of models of Alfa Romeo was to end in 2018, but now it is postponed for two years. Concern Fiat Chrysler finally realized that it was too ambitious plan for the development and commercialization of eight new models in the narrow space weather.

Plans for global sales are changed too. Italian-American corporation expected to reach annual sales of 400,000 copies following the completion of the renovation of model year offer. The new plans of Fiat Chrysler no longer cite any figures on expected sales. The reason for deviation from the initial expectations may be required in the Chinese market, which in recent years have seen a weakening of sales in the segment of premium brands.

Alfa Romeo previously come up with a plan by 2018 to reach sales of 150,000 copies in the European and US markets, and 80,000 copies on the market in China, where the brand has not yet started with the sale. Italians delayed the start of the new generation of Giulia due to technical problems. The model was supposed to start selling late last year in the premier performance Quadrifoglio Verde, and now expect it to happen in the middle of the year. For basic versions of the Giulia that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March it has not yet said when it will be available on sale.

According to the announcements of the concern, Giulia production will start by the end of March. Crossover based on the Giulia will follow in early 2017, followed by a limousine and upper-class, two crossover, two sports versions and successor of compact Giulietta. Concern expect these models to be introduced by 2020. Last year, total sales of vehicles of the brand Alfa Romeo reached about 60,000 copies.

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