The trend of small sports cars, which began Japanese, begins to shift and the Germans …

Rather than predicting “scoop”, Opel instantly showed us the Geneva premiere sports GT. Like his name, and the Opel GT concept associated with some other times, this time with future. It is obvious that too much work is put into it,to be anything left to coinsedense – so well worth the first to review this boiling premiere and after  then commenting.

In fact, Opel has released the first photos of concept GT, which announces sporty model range of the manufacturer. However, unlike its predecessor, this car will be housed in the lower classes.

Sports coupe with its unconventional design clearly showing that it is not even close to production. While the front resembles the concept Monza, profile reveals a long hood and distinctive rear.

Attract attention and doors that do not have handles our mirrors, and entry is enough to click on the touch-sensitive pad integrated in the red roofline. The two cameras are placed behind the wheel arches function as mirrors which image is transferred to two monitors in the interior of the vehicle.


In the novelty of Opel installed the latest version of IntelliLux LED technology which offers three-dimensional light from headlights.
Centrally mounted engine is a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit that power of 145 hp sends the rear wheels. A hundred kilometers acceleration takes place in less than 8 seconds so top speed of 215 km / h.

How to achieve such performance with such a weak engine? Obviously the body will be feather light through the use of lightweight and sturdy materials, and thanks to miniature size.

“We made a new step towards to more emotional and exciting ride with a concept Opel GT, says the director of the Opel Group, Karl-Thomas Neumann.

Opel GT Concept will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March and certainly we are very impatiently waiting to see him in live.



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