The company JATO Dynamics in the report about which manufacturer how many cars sold in the past 2015 states that despite grandiose scandal Dizelgejt, Volkswagen is at the top of this list.



In fact, during the past year’s European bestseller is again model Golf.At the major European markets Volkswagen Golf ranks first in Germany, third in Spain, fourth in the UK, the ninth in Italy and 11th in France. Overall, however still in Europe’s the most sold new cars are from model Golf who is the leader of this list seventh consecutive year.

JATO Dynamics data showing  that in Europe in the past year are sold 383,000 vehicles from the range of Golf, an increase of one percent compared to sales of the previous model year. Second place is the Ford Fiesta, with increased sales by 2%, realized in 2015 were 258,000 units. The third position is Volkswagen Polo, which has been selected and bought from 229 000 European customers and grew by 8%. The fourth is the Renault Clio, a model of which last year were sold 224,000 copies. Rounding out the top five is the novelty of Opel / Vauxhall, the new generation of the Corsa with sold 214,000 vehicles. The list on follow Peugeot 208 (181,000 cars, + 7%), Ford Focus (176.000, + 3%), Nissan Qashqai (167.000, + 13%), Fiat Panda (158.000, + 16%) and Renault Captur (153.000, +20%).



From the statistics we can see that only Volkswagen and Renault have two representatives in the top ten, and the growth in French is most palpable, especially in model Captur.

Watching this statistical division not only for 2016 but for the past few years, we can conclude that consumers across Europe continued for years to believe the same brands probably only to itself is proof of the quality that they possess and cherishIt screams at the top of glitter auto industry.

Bearing in mind the innovations that are expected in the coming year it is  hardly posible an major change at the top of this list

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