KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2016

The first time I saw the prototype 1290 Super Duke R in 2012, we knew it would be a unique specimen.



In 2014, KTM has presented to the world the wonderful 1290 Super Duke R. In 2016, the Austrian company announced Gran Turismo version of the two-cylinder street bike, while enhancing Super Duke with practical accessories and an impressive collection of electronic security devices.

The first time we saw the prototype 1290 Super Duke R in 2012, we knew it would be a unique specimen. Two years later, KTM confirm us with this. The production version of this motorcycle meet our expectations. If there was a weak point of this motorcycle was his poor preparedness for long trips. KTM firmly resolve that issue in 1290 Super Duke GT, which was officially presented at the fair in ECIMA 2015th

Producers who are interested to develop sports – Touring versions of their sports motorcycles, usually take major steps to reduce their power. For a company whose motto is “Ready for racing,” it will not be a problem. GT model is not simply made on the basis of his brother from the R version. It is equipped with LC8 engine.


The maximum performance are identical, 173hp with 144Nm. In the background of these numbers, significant work to adapt this powerful V-twin engine (75 degrees) for its new purpose. Maximum power is now achieved much higher in the scale of speed: 9500rpm (R version in 8865). The acceleration goes to the maximum at 6750 rpm, which is less than 1000rpm R version. In theory, it sounds like an ingenious plan: extend the power to be more linear and reduce the maximum speed to achieve lower fuel consumption. Surely this was an interesting task for engineers. We have to note that KTM has achieved this without having to change the transmission to the engine.


GP model contains much of the work that has the R version, including the frame and brakes. An important improvement relates to the suspension. KTM has used half active system WP, which uses electronic control unit to adjust the damping in real time to ensure optimum performance. The system is very similar to that used in the 1290 Super Adventure, and offers the opportunity to choose between three profiles (convenient, street and sportswear). The wheels are not changed and have the same values ​​as Super Duke R.


Another electronic package that has the Super Duke GT has stability control which includes adjustable ABS brakes and traction control. Both can adapt how you want to use but could also be excluded if the driver wants it. In GT model are also cruise control, monitoring tire pressure and by LED lights. There are also accessories such as Hill Hold Control and Motor Slip Regulation. The second option prevents the front wheel to lose traction.

Also much work has been invested in comfort. Now the driver is protected and can withstand long journeys that are made possible by the larger, 23-liter tank. And the rear section is also extended. This motorcycle will be available in two colors, gray and orange. For now still we do not know his

price, but we can bet that he will not be cheap.

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