After the independence of the exclusive range of Citroen, her flagship received the first  new version


Stylish good appraisal DS3 appeared in 2009 announcing the tectonic changes little neglected offer of the French manufacturer. Despite its relatively higher price than what buyers were used to pay for the vehicles with the sign of the double chevron, a small premium subkompakt denied skeptics and sold circulation of nearly 400 thousand copies. Capturing 48% of global sales now spin brand, DS3 became her pillar which firmly placed on unstable ground on which the automotive industry in the years when he was born. Therefore, the designers and engineers at PSA deserved attention with renewed for a new marketing campaign, now without identification markings of Citroen.

Unfortunately, the new family platform is still developing and he could not get. But from the other hand DS3 it proved excellent balanced car with premium taste and performance fit, so that proved mechanics seem like quite a logical step to upgrade its presence in the market. And that DS3 now makes a more dynamic appearance that has borrowed the concept DS Divine 2020 that the French have announced six new models to the year mentioned in its label. The stylistic elements of design which no longer meet the  marks of Citroen let him out of the game a little sharp look that had instead that softer and more rounded lines created a serious person and a player before significant competition. And in such moments controlling emotions is a crucial role, the small former Citroen them further into hiding and the original proportions remained unchanged. Such also is the characteristic silhouette determined by B-pillar, but because of that cosmetic changes inside mediated trendy technologies and penetrate into its essence. Advanced technologies are part of the security package that will be featured DS3, from which especially would emphasize Active City Brake braking system that applies the brakes when it detects a potential risk at speeds up to 30 km / h. There are also great opportunities for personalization including 78 combinations of body color roof and four patterns on the roof in a convertible version and 15 species of alloy wheels.


In terms of engines, the top bid will have the 1.6-liter turbo engine with 208 horsepower. The rest of the range will be featured with its 163-hp version, as well as sympathetic 1.2 liter unit with 82, 110 and 130 horsepower. In terms of comprehensiveness of petrol, dizel Division acting a little more modest with a bid of two 1.6-liter units BlueHDi 100 and 120 KS. Environmentally friendlier mood of them can boast carbon dioxide emissions of just 79 grams per kilometer.





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