Slap in the face for the German auto industry

Future electric cars instead of Audi from Germany will come from Belgium




Audi announced that they are preparing plant in Belgium to produce large batches electric vehicles – the first of the series will be Q6 crossover which should arrive  in 2018. This unexpected decision of the leadership of the Audi was taken as part of a plan to reorganize the production, which will still include the small A1,which will be moved from Brussels to the Seat plant in Martorell, the Q3 again from there to Győr, Hungary. Audi claims that the rotation of the production model will bring benefit for all,but it seems to us the most joy that will bring to the workers in Belgium and the Netherlands  – first because they will produce batteries for electric vehicles, and the secont because it will expand its current portfolio which still includes Audi TT, A3 Sedan and
Germans on the other side still have a right to be disappointed,because they remain without production of the most advanced vehicles from the brand. Their leader, the electric SUV Q6, was announced in Frankfurt concept e-Tron Quattrow hich according down the basic words of Audi, offers clear indications what will be the production serial model. Settling into the range between the Q5 and Q7, itwill be featured  with three electric motors who need to provide for him maximum sporting soul, driving dynamics and efficiency, and high-capacity bateries to enable autonomy of 500 kilometers and short charging times.

Аll of this once again clearly confirms that AUDI firmly holds the direction in which it wants and plans to move the company in the future continuing to be a reformer and a true example to the world market, because it constantly  continues to confirm its position as one of the world leading brands in the global auto industry.



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