With the inevitable arrival of the new, improved ZX-10R models, there is no better time than now,to recall one of the most exciting motorcycle dynasties


The latest ZX-10R is the fifth version of the original motorcycle which was first launched in 2004 (not to discuss the ZX-10 models by 1988, only ZX-10R). Basically, all of them are fast and exciting. Most motorcycles are among the best ever produced in Japan. Next week we will have a complete analysis of the new model, and meanwhile, recall the previous models …

hi_2016NinjaZX-10R_Shot_11Displacement 998cc
Power 175bhp @ 11,700rpm
Weight 170kg
Present value 5000 – 6500 €

The original ZX-10R was first introduced in the United States and was immediately called beast. Short and full of power, real weapons if he is  right handed but can also be tricky. Today, he is the first choice of real drivers, especially if it is well suited.


Displacement 998cc
Power 175bhp @ 11,700rpm
Weight 174kg
Present value 5500 – 7500 €

Changing the layout aims to rectify errors in almost all new machines. Different injectors, 4: 2 outlet (in place of titanium 4: 1) reinforced silencers and milder delivery changed frame and weight distribution. Some people thought that Kawasaki exaggerated. The least desirable of all ZX-10R models.

Displacement 998cc
Power 199.8bhp @ 13,000rpm
Weight 198kg
Present value 9000 – 16.000 €

Once they made ZX-10R superbike best motorcycle in 2011,Kawasaki made this motorcycle is the best motorcycle racing who came from Japan. Revised transmission and more compressed energy are just some of the things. New dual rear frame, sophisticated electronics and first KTRC traction control and power models2016-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX10R-ABS-KRT-Edition4

Looking at the performance of all these antecedents kawasaki-zx10r, we can say that we are looking forward with excitement and the adrenaline that brings him by him self.

All of these components are making this super bike as one of most attractive on the market for both: enthusiasts and professional runners

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