Despite numerous military monsters vehicles, the Russians have a richer offer of civilian vehicles and one of them is jeep “29031 Viking”, which might even float!!!the-viking-29031-is-an-amphibious-monster-truck-from-russia-video-photo-gallery_1


Recently the Russians presented the new Lada Niva with six wheels as their alternative to the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6. Of course, the benefits of the Lada is in the field capacity, much more than  the equipment and image.

However, the Russians have another impressive vehicle that does not belong to the military operation. It is a jeep “Viking 29031″who is produced in the factory that produces Atom Momentum located in Tatarstan. At first glance it is clear that it is a robust SUV. He is weighing two tons and is capable of transporting seven people or 850 kg load, and is equipped with large tires with low pressure which is much easier to overcome the ground covered with snow.

Besides that his tires have control system pressure which allows them to deflate when the driver needs it. “Viking 29031” may change the distance of the vehicle from the ground from minimum 300 to maximum 600 mm, which is enough to switch on any terrain.

But that’s not all. Viking is an amphibious vehicle which means it is able to overcome obstacles and water, or to sail thanks to its Water – jet propulsion in the water which provides  speeds of up to 12 mph. Currently the interested buyers are offered two versions of this SUV with different engines.

One of them is the Ford engine, and therefore not surprising design of the wheel which is similar to the Ford cars and even gear. Otherwise the driver sits centrally, as in Formula 1, while behind him are placed seats for passengers or luggage.


Probably many of you are wondering what is the consumption of this monster, and according to passenger specifications that are 15 gallons of oil per 100 km. the time, and 20 liters of off- road. Viking has another advantage, and that is his huge tank which can pass over 1000 kilometers in a country like Russia is really important.

Data on the exact price of the Viking still gone, but it will probably be lower than that of its competitors as the Land Rover Defender.

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